Enhance your life with friends

Enhance your life with friends!

There is so much to be said for spending time with your girlfriends! I think intuitively we all know that our closest gal pals can always make us feel better – no matter what sort of funk we are in. But now – science can back us up on this need for girl time.

Turns out that when we socialize with other women we release oxytocin – that feel good hormone that is often related to feelings of love and arousal. Oxytocin also affects us in other ways like:

Reducing anxiety

Increasing contentment

Increasing trust and empathy

Reducing fear

Promoting feelings of calmness and acceptance

And new studies are now indicating that other benefits can also be enjoyed such as boosting memory, avoiding disabilities and staying mobile.

So, lets not feel guilty about making time to see our friends. All those dates for pedicures, mall shopping, frozen yogurt, movies, cocktails, dinners, workouts, etc. are really time well spent! Especially with the busy and stressful holidays approaching lets all pencil in the Gift of some Girl Time and bring more Happiness to our Holidays!

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  1. Really enjoyed this article! It’s so true. A good gal pal gathering can turn a day around – I wonder if part of the reason girl time is so good for you is all the laughter!

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