Keeping it Together – now on Sale!

Keeping it Together - A Girl's Guide to Living Life to the Fullest!

Keeping it Together – A Girl’s Guide to Living Life to the Fullest!

Okay – so we are closing out the month of January and its time to reassess….

??? Are you sticking to any New Years Resolutions you set?

??? How about your “” – if you picked one – how’s that going?

??? Did you never fully commit to any method of organization for this year?

??? Have you still not started a daily gratitude practice?

??? Maybe you bought a calendar and/or a journal but now that you’ve used it for a month you find it lacking in some important way?

Depending on your answers above maybe you want to reconsider purchasing a 2014 Keeping it Together Daily Planner? What better way to get on track (or stay on track) than a planner that incorporates the elements of organization, physical fitness, meal planning/nutrition tracking, kindness and gratitude all in one beautiful and uplifting spot. Check out some photos and comments below.

Here are just a few photos of the planner ….


So many fun extras are included!!

So many fun extras are included!!





And a few of the wonderful comments we’ve received….

 From Courtney:

Perfect planner for keeping up with my busy life! Full time nurse, part time grad student, and in training for a mini marathon. Love the daily quotes and fit and fab tips! Very surprised at how fast the shipping was, had it the next day! Love it!

From Brooke:

Have told everyone about it!! Love it

From Sydney:

I have never loved using planners but I am addicted to this one! There is plenty of space to write all of my tasks and it is put together wonderfully. I will definitely be purchasing one next year!

From Anonymous:

Amazing planner! I am shocked by the details, vibrant colors, and info to make 2014 a wonderful year. Thank you so much

And now for the BEST part – since we are already one month into the year we are REDUCING THE PRICE to $50.00! A 10% savings that is well worth it! Click on any of the links below to purchase – we ship FAST – so you won’t miss but 2-3 more days of being less than your 100% fabulous self!

Happy New Year Freebie!

Hello Everyone! Hope your New Year is off to a Fabulous start! I’m checking in quickly today with a helpful freebie for you. This Calendar Card will be really useful for tracking all of your important dates so that you can transfer them from your 2013 calendar to your new 2014 Keeping it Together Planner! I hope you like it.

I’ll be back next week after we settle in from our California trip. We are very excited to go and see the Seminoles play!


What a weekend!

Rolf Gates, me and Kathryn Budig

Rolf Gates, me and Kathryn Budig


Guys I am feeling so good tonight. I’m fresh off of yoga weekend workshop with Rolf Gates. The workshop was held at my local studio Guruv Yoga and so it was nice to share this experience with many folks who I see regularly. I had the opportunity to practice with Rolf three times this weekend and today, for the last session, Kathryn Budig joined the workshop as well. Although Kathryn is new (and wonderful) to me – I have been a long time fan of Rolf’s. Actually, when I first started my yoga journey back in 2008 (?) he was the first “master teacher” I saw outside of my regular, local yoga circle. Since then, I have seen him at least 3 times and I think it might even be 4. As you can see from the above photo he is a big guy! Not at all what I envisioned a male yoga teacher to look like back when I was new and full of preconceived notions about EVERYTHING! Rolf immediately had my heart with his profound story, his sense of humor and his expertly sequenced and challenging asana practice. Rolf is also well known for his widely popular book – Mediations from the Mat. Its practically a staple reference guide in every studio and yogi’s bedside table that I have ever been to or seen. Please take a moment to check him out if he is new to you.  His website is:

This weekends schedule is below:
Friday, 6-9pm: Vinyasa Session: Right Effort
Saturday 2-5pm: Vinyasa Session: Concentration + Mindfulness
Sunday 9-12: The Chakras in Action Teacher’s Workshop
Sunday 2-5pm:Vinyasa Session: Understanding + Aspiration
(Special Guest Kathryn Budig)
And a foreword from Rolf:
“We are on a journey to become who we already are.” -Rolf Gates
We will come together this weekend to explore Yoga + The Eight-Fold Way. These teachings offer us a way to explore our relationship to our practice and give us the means for creating a life that works. These sessions will be a synergy of the dynamic freedom of a powerful vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles. They are intentionally challenging but open to all levels. The only requirement is that you show up…do your best and let your best be good enough.


Just one of the many concepts that hit-home with me this weekend was this – Rolf described that many of us live these days with an underlying sense of hurry and control all the time. 24/7 no matter what is going on in our lives (good, bad,happy, sad) we are not only rushing though it in anticipation of the next thing we are also trying to control the events and circumstances as they unfold. Whoa did that strike a chord. When I reflect on this idea it seems to me that even when I am successful at “living in the moment” I still try to hurry/control it. Who knows why? But a light bulb went off and now I can recognize that tendency and try to be more accepting of the present moment and strive to sit back and let life unfold at its own pace.


And Kathryn Budig was know only to me from her beautiful and insanely popular (and controversial?) ad campaign for Toesox. So, it was a real treat and “icing on the cake” to get to hear part of her “Aim True” speech today. She told a great story about jumping out of an airplane that had my heart pounding as she relayed her own fear and excitement. Afterwards she and Rolf team taught a wonderful and juicy flow that left everyone in the room feeling blissful and centered (albeit very sweaty).

KB toe sox


And lastly – the workshop weekend was extra special because my teacher – Mary Kay Berg was there in attendance as well and I got to see her beautiful face and practice next to her bright spirit. Truly – when my mat is next to hers I feel so comforted. Its weird but I guess thats how we feel about those who have taught us so much!

May Kay Berg - teacher, author, dog-lover, friend!

May Kay Berg – teacher, author, dog-lover, friend!


On a separate note – we were out of town all last week for the Thanksgiving Holiday. We had a great trip to North Carolina. I’ll share some details about that next time!

Hope you all have a fabulous start to your week!

Peace, Love and Happiness – Jessica


Finishing up packaging and presentation…

Keeping it Together 2014; A sneak peak at a few of the extras that come with purchase.

Keeping it Together 2014; A sneak peak at a few of the extras that come with purchase.









Putting the finishing touches on the 2014 “Keeping it Together” Planner/Journal. We are including even more fun extras this year. This is a gift you can give yourself and/or to your besties! Instead of more clothes/makeup/shoes/etc – get something that adds value to your life and enhances all you do to stay healthy and happy!

You can purchase any of the following ways: