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Happy Saturday! I thought I would check in today (its been a while, I know) and give you a little hodgepodge of a post. I’ve had lots of good stuff going on lately … aside from the rainy/cold Florida weather of course.

1. First of all let me say that its SO NICE to be home for an extended period of time. After getting home from California earlier in the month we have been settling back in to our routine and focusing on returning to some healthy habits. And I love it! My “nest” is my sanctuary :-)

2. January has been busy – but with all good things. Here’s a shot of my planner for January. Can you believe the month is almost over and we are headed towards Valentines Day already!


If you can see some of the detail here you can see that I managed to get in some weight training along with some awesome yoga. If you can make out the “Y’s” those are yoga days. Also, this month I got to see TWO master teachers here in town. Doug Swenson and Bryan Kest. Both of these guys I have been lucky enough to see before and both are TOTALLY worth seeing again. Additionally, I started up another 200+hour teacher training program that I am super excited about. My first Teacher Training was awesome and I loved every single minute of it – my dear friend and teacher, Mary Kay Berg ( provided knowledge, love and inspiration beyond my expectations. And now I am starting another 8 month program with Tymi Howard from Guruv Yoga ( and I know this program will enhance my already strong foundation tremendously. I love Tymi and respect her practice and her loving and dedicated spirit so much.

Can you spot me in the photo below…?




and take a look at Bryan Kest – yup -he’s a hottie!



3. I got these neat orchids  for my guest bathroom. They are air plants so they do quite well in the moist environment of the bathroom. This little bath needed some “life” – so I think my 2 orchids are perfect.


PLease pray I can keep them alive!

Please pray I can keep them alive!


4. Getting ready for Valentines Day!


Speaking of Valentines Day – here is a fun little FREE Printable for you. Some adorable coupons you can use as gift ideas for those special people you want to celebrate on Valentines Day. Fill them out for a free hug/trip to the movies/special date night out (or in:-)), etc – get creative and add them to another small gift like a chocolate bar/flowers/balloons. They’re just a little something fun to help you celebrate and share the love. Hope you enjoy them!




Oh, and remember if you have not gotten your 2014 Keeping it Together Planner yet they are now on sale for $50.00. Since January is already “in the books” as they say we reduced the price by 10%.


To purchase click on a link below:

Thats all for now – hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo – Jessica




Happy Humpdaayyyy



Wow these weeks sure are flying by aren’t they? I am a busy bee these days and I can’t imagine how Santa must feel.Whew! But today is the day we take a few moments and try and send out that tiny ripple of kindness we know can really impact not only someone else’s life – but our own as well. I’ll tell you something fun I did recently and it sure did make my daughter and I feel happy. As I mentioned before last month I subscribed to the Be Nice Box – a monthly subscription service that sends you an “action list” of “nice” ideas you can easily implement over the month. The box is super cute and even comes with some of the small supplies you would need to complete a few of the suggested ideas. I talked about it here on the blog One of the ideas for December was to “candy cane” some folks. Sort of like being “booed” if that is a Halloween tradition you are familiar with. The Be Nice idea was to distribute some mini candy canes with a kindness message on them – just a little something to make people smile. My daughter and I loved this so much we expanded it a bit and made small little “Candy Cane’d” bags to leave as a surprise on our neighbors doorstep. We just did a few – but we had the most fun delivering them. It was like a stealth mission to drop them off without being seen and I was reminded at how much young girls like being a part of something “secretive”. We are hoping maybe someone will follow our lead and “candy cane” a few other houses – maybe we can start a little trend? (another thing young girls LOVE to be a part of).  Here are a few photos of what we did.

We made a little "You've been Candy Cane'd" note to go with our bags

We made a little “You’ve been Candy Cane’d” note to go with our bags

Filled it with just a few treats from the dollar bins

Filled it with just a few treats from the dollar bins

Dropped them off and RAN!

Dropped them off and RAN!


So fun and NICE. Please take a look at This is a super easy and creative way to get engaged with this movement!

For those of you who might have missed it -I got a really nice mention this week from Elena Lipson. Elena is a fantastic gal who specializes in “self care for women entrepreneurs”. She has a really sharp website filled with all sorts of tools to help teach busy and successful women how to make the time for self care and recognize its powerful impact on not only their happiness but their success$$ as well. She does some weekly interviews with entrepreneurial women and I was featured this week. Take a look here: . Elena also had some lovely comments about the Keeping it Together Planner for which I am grateful. Here’s one of her remarks about the planner when she received it.

“a box filled with gold stars, sweet Italian candies and a gorgeous planner that was unlike anything I had ever seen”

Remember – if you’d like to take a look at the planner/journal you can find it in several spots





Hope you have a great week. Let me know what your doing to “be kind” today!




Be Nice Box


Happy Humddaaaaayyy Everyone! As you know today is Wednesday and for us here at the blog its the day we talk about Kindness and, hopefully, put something into ACTION. I am really excited to share something super neat with you guys today – something that aligns perfectly with this concept. Its called the Be Nice Box and I originally read about it on Heather’s blog over at And heres a link to the actual post that announces the be Nice Box Check THIS out: Announcing: Be Nice Box

The box is a type of subscription service where you order the box and it comes with a month’s worth of specific suggestions and, in some cases, the supplies you will need (which are pretty minimal) to carry out several of those suggestions. I just got my December box yesterday and it was so adorable! I think this entire concept is awesome and I can’t wait to implement at least a few of the acts.

A nice note from Diana was included!

A nice note from Diana was included!


The highlighted marks indicate where supplies were included

The highlighted marks indicate where supplies were included

In December here are a couple of ideas that I particularly like:

* Handing out hygiene kits to someone in need – a little sample was included here. I’ve actually done this before and its a fantastic idea especially in the winter. Overnight shelters are ridiculously full at this time of year and people who need shelter generally do not have everyday necessities like toothbrush/toothpaste/soap/deoderant/etc. So the shelters really appreciate donations like this that they can hand out to those in need.

*Buy a hot drink for a bell ringer or other volunteer who’s task involves standing (probably outside) for an extended period of time.

* Surprise a co-worker, friend, stranger with a little chocolate to brighten their day

* Send a recent photo to a family member or friend telling them how much you care about them – bonus points if you include a handwritten note! (I’m sort of combining two ideas here but they seem made for each other so I took the liberty!)

The list I was sent actually had 15 ideas on it and even a little gift for ME as well. Seriously – what more could you ask for????

Please check this service out! I even think it would be a cool GIFT to give at the holidays. The service is not expensive at all (less than $15.00/month) so you could afford to give a 3 months subscription even. You can connect with them via: or Facebook:

Supplies - ready for Kindness!

Supplies – ready for Kindness!



Thats its for now – please do something kind today! And if you do – I’d truly love to hear what you did – please comment and let me know! All the best to you and yours – Jessica

Mail from the Big Guy

I know many of you out there with little ones are very familiar with the Elf on the Shelf. We have one too and he is great. Sure wish I had thought it that idea!

Along those lines I wanted to recommend to you another fun tradition that we enjoy at our house. And that would be a personalized letter from Santa. For the past several years Santa has sent my daughter a customized letter that she adores. The letter comes personalized to her with details about her year and, ahem, her behavior thus far. You can also pay a little extra and get a small stuffed animal to be included in your package, or a dollar bill from the North Pole – that type of thing. The letter really has a WOW factor to it and since our Hannah is now 9 it really helps keep the validity of Santa intact. I want her to “believe” as long as she can and this letter really adds that authentic touch that assures any doubts she might be having. There are several sites where you can purchase this type of letter but I really like the service provided by Santa Claus House. The website is:



Order form paperwork mailed to me

Order form paperwork mailed to me

Last Years Letter

Last Years Letter

Signed Postcard from last years package

Signed Postcard from last years package









We are off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Headed to the Biltmore House – I’ve heard so many great things about this property. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all decorated up fancy for the Holidays. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with more blessings than you can name!

Wishing you love, peace and happiness – Jessica

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