This and That

Happy Saturday! I thought I would check in today (its been a while, I know) and give you a little hodgepodge of a post. I’ve had lots of good stuff going on lately … aside from the rainy/cold Florida weather of course.

1. First of all let me say that its SO NICE to be home for an extended period of time. After getting home from California earlier in the month we have been settling back in to our routine and focusing on returning to some healthy habits. And I love it! My “nest” is my sanctuary :-)

2. January has been busy – but with all good things. Here’s a shot of my planner for January. Can you believe the month is almost over and we are headed towards Valentines Day already!


If you can see some of the detail here you can see that I managed to get in some weight training along with some awesome yoga. If you can make out the “Y’s” those are yoga days. Also, this month I got to see TWO master teachers here in town. Doug Swenson and Bryan Kest. Both of these guys I have been lucky enough to see before and both are TOTALLY worth seeing again. Additionally, I started up another 200+hour teacher training program that I am super excited about. My first Teacher Training was awesome and I loved every single minute of it – my dear friend and teacher, Mary Kay Berg ( provided knowledge, love and inspiration beyond my expectations. And now I am starting another 8 month program with Tymi Howard from Guruv Yoga ( and I know this program will enhance my already strong foundation tremendously. I love Tymi and respect her practice and her loving and dedicated spirit so much.

Can you spot me in the photo below…?




and take a look at Bryan Kest – yup -he’s a hottie!



3. I got these neat orchids  for my guest bathroom. They are air plants so they do quite well in the moist environment of the bathroom. This little bath needed some “life” – so I think my 2 orchids are perfect.


PLease pray I can keep them alive!

Please pray I can keep them alive!


4. Getting ready for Valentines Day!


Speaking of Valentines Day – here is a fun little FREE Printable for you. Some adorable coupons you can use as gift ideas for those special people you want to celebrate on Valentines Day. Fill them out for a free hug/trip to the movies/special date night out (or in:-)), etc – get creative and add them to another small gift like a chocolate bar/flowers/balloons. They’re just a little something fun to help you celebrate and share the love. Hope you enjoy them!




Oh, and remember if you have not gotten your 2014 Keeping it Together Planner yet they are now on sale for $50.00. Since January is already “in the books” as they say we reduced the price by 10%.


To purchase click on a link below:

Thats all for now – hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo – Jessica




Fall Kindess Planning




I know its hard to believe, but for most of the country its Fall and right around the corner it will be Winter! I love this time of year – even though I’m in Florida and the weather doesn’t cool off until much later there are still so many things to love! College Football, pumpkin patches and carving, Halloween, Baking and Decorating, Thanksgiving, Spending time with family, shopping for gifts and wrapping them (yes, I truly love this part) and Christmas of course. But, for many people this time of year and the cooler temperatures mean increased hardship. Shelters are fuller when its cold, food banks are emptier when its cold and people who have a home but cant afford heat suffer from colds, flu, hypothermia and sometimes worse.

Today, I encourage you to start thinking about what you can do to help others during this season. Now is the perfect time to start planning a coat drive, scheduling to volunteer delivering/cooking meals for the homeless, maybe you can gather hygiene items for a shelter/mission in your area, plan a canned food drive to help stock your local food bank, or gather and donate gently used blankets/gloves/scarves to your church. If you need more ideas check out

If you already have a tradition of giving or volunteering that you’d like to share I would truly love to hear it!


Weekend Review

Happy Monday! Hope your week got off to a good start. For many of us its back to school – and back to “routine”. Personally, I love a routine and although we had a fabulous summer I am ready to get “back on track” and make good things happen. I hope you are too!

I wanted to let all you mom’s out there know of a neat service I happened upon. Its called Plum Print. The website is You know how we tend to save A LOT of the artwork, homework and other things our kids create at school? Well, this service lets you send in all of that stuff and they create photo books from the hard copies of the “treasures” our kids create. I mentioned this on a previous blog but since then I received my starter kit and have sent off my precious memories. So far – I am very impressed with the service. The “kit” I received was very nice, well organized with clear instructions. I am including some photos here. I shipped off my big box today and so now I will wait to see what my coffee table book actually looks like when finished. I sent off a “small” sampling of my daughters stuff – 50 pieces of art, homework, class photos and tests from Prek 3 and 4. If this first book turns out well I will send in the next stack of things I’ve collected from Kindergarten thru 3rd grade.




Instructions for preparing your box

Instructions for preparing your box


Submission form - you also email them in a photo for your book cover

Submission form – you also email them in a photo for your book cover


Return shipping label

Return shipping label

Something else I thought you might like – this is a great warm up for those of you who exercise on your own.

On another note – we had a great weekend. Ate some awesome homemade food, saw some family, got outside each day for fun and exercise and generally enjoyed being home and together. I mentioned last week that it was my hubby’s birthday on Sunday. And would you believe he took US shopping?! Yep – thats right – on his birthday he took our daughter and me to the mall for some shopping (and Chipoltle :-) . What a guy! Just one of the things I adore about him!

You guys do anything fun? Do tell!

I have a confession….

I dont “transition” easily. There – I said it.

Maybe some of you can relate? The two key times of the day when transitioning can become a challenge for me are leaving the house in the morning and then coming home in the evening. These two events are simple enough… but many days I still feel “harried”. In the morning I get up early and immediately start fussing about – starting laundry, emptying garbages, preparing breakfast, packing lunches, feeding the dog, etc…. normal, everyday crap that millions of people do. And truthfully -its not that I have any trouble doing them – its that I get so wrapped up in accomplishing these tasks (ones that could easily go undone if necessary) that I allow my demeanor to become stressed and chaotic. Some days by the time I drop my daughter at school she (and her father) perceive that mommy is “stressed”. Not exactly a smooth, calming start to the day, huh?

Then in the late afternoon/evening it can be even worse. Somehow, everyday I manage to come home with a car full of ??? I dont even know what all – backpack, work bags, lunch boxes, groceries, target bags (oh boy!), dry cleaning, etc. So just getting in the door takes several trips. The dog is always waiting – not so patiently- to go out, dinner needs to be fixed, that laundry from the morning never got folded, recycling/garbages need to go out, packages at the front door (okay so I sort of look forward to that part), dishes in the sink. Again – routine crap I know you are all dealing with. But, nonetheless, it often results in a mom/wife that seems aggitated when she walks in the door. Not exaclty a pleasnat way to greet your family, huh?

Now, in my defense, if you give me 15 minutes then I can settle in and “act normal” again. These transitions I’m describing are short-lived. But for these 2 brief periods of the day, if I’m not careful, I get myself all in a “dither” and then regret making my family feel as though I am unhappy. Those of you who may experience anxiety or Type A personality traits that cause you to act like I am describing will know that this does not in any way mean I am unhappy! Anxiety/Stress/whatever you want to call it does not correlate to happiness or unhappiness. These are separate things. But – admittedly, thats hard for others to see and understand sometimes.

So – what to do? I am an organized gal and I beleive I am pretty good at organizing my time and tasks. I suspect the problem in the morning is simply trying to do too much. And in the evening I should be better at letting all of my “to-do’s” just wait a bit. I can get to them later, right? In theory this makes 100% good sense to me – but in action I am a whirling dervish, trying to get 10 things done at once so I can “relax”.  Although I’m not really a good “relaxer” if we are still confessing? Developing a morning meditation practice might do wonders for me (something I’ve blogged about here but I cant seem to make it happen. I’m too busy doing relatively unimportant tasks that I can’t – WON’T – make time for it. The yogi in my knows how pathetic that is.

The good news is that I’ve only recently recognized this pattern. So now perhaps I can learn to manage my transitions better. I can focus on the things that I do to trigger bad reactions and maybe modify my schedule to avoid them. Time to develop some new patterns and learn to better ease into and out of my day. Wish me luck!

I’d love to hear if you can relate to my confession? Anybody else need help with the daily transitions in their life?