Happy Hukkster

Happy Friday My Loves! This has been a really busy week for me – and I’ve got a full lid today as well. So I’ll be really happy when tomorrow comes and I’m off to Tallahassee to see my Seminoles play. College Football saturdays are the best – no matter who you cheer for!


A family of Seminole Fans!

A family of Seminole Fans!



I’ve been meaning to post about the app – Hukkster. Anybody out there using it? Its a coupon/money saving site where you can sign up for alerts when the items you identify go on sale. There’s a computer based application you can register for as well as iPad and iPhone versions you can download for free from the iTunes App store. I’ve used apps like this in the past but they never seem to work correctly; meaning I sign up and then tag/flag/log items I want to be alerted to when they go on sale but then I never hear anything! I guess that might mean the items I covet never go on sale (figures!) or that I’ve done something wrong or the tracking and notification doesn’t work 100% of the time. Hukkster, however, seems to be getting good press and reviews. I’ve seen it mentioned in several places this year so I thought I might give it a try. Lord knows with the all the gifts I’m buying some sale price alerts would make my day!



And to totally switch gears – here’s something I read this week and loved! Its the reverse of Hukkster if you will… From Dave Romanelli who I mentioned on the blog before. Love him! Paying with attention – its a beautiful idea really. Time and attention are precious commodities for sure. If we truly want to give someone on our list a special gift from the heart – maybe all we have to do is “gift” them with our love and attention.

You can go to yeahdave.com to soak up more of this type of goodness.

Here’s a thought to consider this Holiday Season…

…what if instead of paying with credit card or cash… you started paying with attention?

Anyone can buy you dinner, but how rare are the people in your life who ask how are you really doing, who hug you with their whole heart, who give you the gift of their whole presence?

To solve our problems, to heal our bodies, to bring peace to our lives and families…more than than anything else, we need each other.

Today, can you take 10 seconds to give the gift of attention?

I have it all qeued up for you.  All you have to do is hit SEND.

And lastly- check out these neat portion controlled baggies I found at Wal-Mart! There are fantastic for measuring out snacks – especially things like nuts and trail mix which are frankly addictive and (although they can be very healthy) high in calories. It was very exciting to find this little gem at Wal-Mart. Isn’t everyone uber-excited about baggies with serving size measurements on the outside? I’m such an easy girl to please :-) yeah right!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone. And remember the new 2014 edition of the “Keeping it Together Planner – A Girl’s Guide to Living Life to the Fullest” is on sale now. You can head right on over to my website to check out some great photos and make your purchase. www.fitandfabyogi.com.


Weekend Review

Happy Monday! Hope your week got off to a good start. For many of us its back to school – and back to “routine”. Personally, I love a routine and although we had a fabulous summer I am ready to get “back on track” and make good things happen. I hope you are too!

I wanted to let all you mom’s out there know of a neat service I happened upon. Its called Plum Print. The website is http://www.plumprint.com. You know how we tend to save A LOT of the artwork, homework and other things our kids create at school? Well, this service lets you send in all of that stuff and they create photo books from the hard copies of the “treasures” our kids create. I mentioned this on a previous blog but since then I received my starter kit and have sent off my precious memories. So far – I am very impressed with the service. The “kit” I received was very nice, well organized with clear instructions. I am including some photos here. I shipped off my big box today and so now I will wait to see what my coffee table book actually looks like when finished. I sent off a “small” sampling of my daughters stuff – 50 pieces of art, homework, class photos and tests from Prek 3 and 4. If this first book turns out well I will send in the next stack of things I’ve collected from Kindergarten thru 3rd grade.




Instructions for preparing your box

Instructions for preparing your box


Submission form - you also email them in a photo for your book cover

Submission form – you also email them in a photo for your book cover


Return shipping label

Return shipping label

Something else I thought you might like – this is a great warm up for those of you who exercise on your own.


On another note – we had a great weekend. Ate some awesome homemade food, saw some family, got outside each day for fun and exercise and generally enjoyed being home and together. I mentioned last week that it was my hubby’s birthday on Sunday. And would you believe he took US shopping?! Yep – thats right – on his birthday he took our daughter and me to the mall for some shopping (and Chipoltle :-) . What a guy! Just one of the things I adore about him!

You guys do anything fun? Do tell!

Meet the Higi

Recently my Aunt “Shu Shu” told me about the neatest new thing available at her Publix. Its called the Higi Machine and its an awesome FREE health resource. Since she told me about it I have done some investigating and the Higi machine sort of replaces the blood pressure cuff that has been available at many grocery stores and pharmacies for several years. The Higi is like the Rolls Royce of blood pressure cuff machines! And its a FREE Rolls Royce! You can measure your blood pressure, weight, pulse, and BMI. It tracks all that data so you can assess your scores over time and track your progress. There is also a Higi App – but thats in beta testing and the reviews I read show that it still needs the kinks worked out. The functionality will also allow you to upload Higi “shots” of your food and activity and then translate those shots into calories eaten and/or burned. Of course you also set goals and compare your numbers and progress with others in the Higi community if that appeals to you. Check out the wesbite here: https://higi.com

Be on the lookout for one of these machines at your local grocery store or pharmacy. The website will also let you locate one close to you by entering your zip code. :-)

HiGi Machine

HiGi Machine


Data Capture and Scoring Available on the Higi Machines!

Data Capture and Scoring Available on the Higi Machines!



Also today since we are chatting about health … below is a HIIT workout I recently created. Truth time – I have not done this workout yet as my Dr has encouraged me to lay off the jumping a bit for now (trying to heal a nagging injury) BUT… the hubby did it and gave it a sweaty thumbs up. And he’s super fit! :-) Give it a try and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you.

Fit and Fab Friday HIIT Workout

Fit and Fab Friday HIIT Workout



I’m back from vacay ya’ll!


Love that little girl (not actually so little anymore)

Hello All! I’m finally back from a WONDERFUL vacation to California. We had a lovely 2 weeks traveling from San Francisco down to LA. A great time was had by all but it sure is nice to settle in back home. As much as I love to get away it does make you appreciate all that you have at home. The daily routine is funny that way – you cant wait to leave it but then you yearn for it after you are gone for a while. We took lots of great pictures. Here are just a few to share….

WHo doesn't love a good Duck Boat Tour? Quack Quack!

Who doesn’t love a good Duck Boat Tour? Quack Quack!


HOLLYWOOD – the sign is way back there in the distance!

View from Half Moon Bay Hotel - pretty awesome right?

View from Half Moon Bay Hotel – pretty awesome right?

Since I’m just getting back into the swing of things I will make this post short and sweet but I did want to mention a couple of quick things that caught my eye.

I recently read an article in Experience Life Magazine that highlighted what many of us already know. The article states that as little as 10 minutes of exercise can improve your mood as well as your energy. To keep the good vibes going the AASP (Association for Applied Sport Psychology ) recommends 30 minutes at least 3 days per week. What was interesting about this research was that not only did cardio based workouts lift mood – more aggressive type of movements were also shown to help with depression and anger. This makes me think of kickboxing/kenpo/and even cross fit. I think we all have had that experience of being angry at someone or something at work  - and then after a good, sweaty workout you can hardly recall what you were so worked up about?  Just more evidence that moving our bodies regularly is the key to overall health and wellness.

And on a sweet note – have you ever tried chocolate from Wei of Chocolate? www.weiofchocolate.com. This organic, fair trade, vegan chocolate is created using a variety of herbs, spices and flower essences.  They are designed to be savored slowly during a two minute meditation. (Its a challenge just to savor the chocolate for the whole 2 minutes in your mouth – trust me!). You can mediate on gratitude, relaxation, love, or whatever else you desire for the 2 minutes it takes for the individual piece to melt on your tongue. The chocolates come in a wide variety of unique flavors – citrus, chai, chili, sea salt (my favorite) and can be purchased in sampler packs which is how I first bought them. If you are looking to splurge a bit on yourself or someone you love I highly recommend these!

Wei of Chocolate

Wei of Chocolate