Keeping it Together – now on Sale!

Keeping it Together - A Girl's Guide to Living Life to the Fullest!

Keeping it Together – A Girl’s Guide to Living Life to the Fullest!

Okay – so we are closing out the month of January and its time to reassess….

??? Are you sticking to any New Years Resolutions you set?

??? How about your “” – if you picked one – how’s that going?

??? Did you never fully commit to any method of organization for this year?

??? Have you still not started a daily gratitude practice?

??? Maybe you bought a calendar and/or a journal but now that you’ve used it for a month you find it lacking in some important way?

Depending on your answers above maybe you want to reconsider purchasing a 2014 Keeping it Together Daily Planner? What better way to get on track (or stay on track) than a planner that incorporates the elements of organization, physical fitness, meal planning/nutrition tracking, kindness and gratitude all in one beautiful and uplifting spot. Check out some photos and comments below.

Here are just a few photos of the planner ….


So many fun extras are included!!

So many fun extras are included!!





And a few of the wonderful comments we’ve received….

 From Courtney:

Perfect planner for keeping up with my busy life! Full time nurse, part time grad student, and in training for a mini marathon. Love the daily quotes and fit and fab tips! Very surprised at how fast the shipping was, had it the next day! Love it!

From Brooke:

Have told everyone about it!! Love it

From Sydney:

I have never loved using planners but I am addicted to this one! There is plenty of space to write all of my tasks and it is put together wonderfully. I will definitely be purchasing one next year!

From Anonymous:

Amazing planner! I am shocked by the details, vibrant colors, and info to make 2014 a wonderful year. Thank you so much

And now for the BEST part – since we are already one month into the year we are REDUCING THE PRICE to $50.00! A 10% savings that is well worth it! Click on any of the links below to purchase – we ship FAST – so you won’t miss but 2-3 more days of being less than your 100% fabulous self!

Be Nice Box


Happy Humddaaaaayyy Everyone! As you know today is Wednesday and for us here at the blog its the day we talk about Kindness and, hopefully, put something into ACTION. I am really excited to share something super neat with you guys today – something that aligns perfectly with this concept. Its called the Be Nice Box and I originally read about it on Heather’s blog over at And heres a link to the actual post that announces the be Nice Box Check THIS out: Announcing: Be Nice Box

The box is a type of subscription service where you order the box and it comes with a month’s worth of specific suggestions and, in some cases, the supplies you will need (which are pretty minimal) to carry out several of those suggestions. I just got my December box yesterday and it was so adorable! I think this entire concept is awesome and I can’t wait to implement at least a few of the acts.

A nice note from Diana was included!

A nice note from Diana was included!


The highlighted marks indicate where supplies were included

The highlighted marks indicate where supplies were included

In December here are a couple of ideas that I particularly like:

* Handing out hygiene kits to someone in need – a little sample was included here. I’ve actually done this before and its a fantastic idea especially in the winter. Overnight shelters are ridiculously full at this time of year and people who need shelter generally do not have everyday necessities like toothbrush/toothpaste/soap/deoderant/etc. So the shelters really appreciate donations like this that they can hand out to those in need.

*Buy a hot drink for a bell ringer or other volunteer who’s task involves standing (probably outside) for an extended period of time.

* Surprise a co-worker, friend, stranger with a little chocolate to brighten their day

* Send a recent photo to a family member or friend telling them how much you care about them – bonus points if you include a handwritten note! (I’m sort of combining two ideas here but they seem made for each other so I took the liberty!)

The list I was sent actually had 15 ideas on it and even a little gift for ME as well. Seriously – what more could you ask for????

Please check this service out! I even think it would be a cool GIFT to give at the holidays. The service is not expensive at all (less than $15.00/month) so you could afford to give a 3 months subscription even. You can connect with them via: or Facebook:

Supplies - ready for Kindness!

Supplies – ready for Kindness!



Thats its for now – please do something kind today! And if you do – I’d truly love to hear what you did – please comment and let me know! All the best to you and yours – Jessica

Mail from the Big Guy

I know many of you out there with little ones are very familiar with the Elf on the Shelf. We have one too and he is great. Sure wish I had thought it that idea!

Along those lines I wanted to recommend to you another fun tradition that we enjoy at our house. And that would be a personalized letter from Santa. For the past several years Santa has sent my daughter a customized letter that she adores. The letter comes personalized to her with details about her year and, ahem, her behavior thus far. You can also pay a little extra and get a small stuffed animal to be included in your package, or a dollar bill from the North Pole – that type of thing. The letter really has a WOW factor to it and since our Hannah is now 9 it really helps keep the validity of Santa intact. I want her to “believe” as long as she can and this letter really adds that authentic touch that assures any doubts she might be having. There are several sites where you can purchase this type of letter but I really like the service provided by Santa Claus House. The website is:



Order form paperwork mailed to me

Order form paperwork mailed to me

Last Years Letter

Last Years Letter

Signed Postcard from last years package

Signed Postcard from last years package









We are off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Headed to the Biltmore House – I’ve heard so many great things about this property. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all decorated up fancy for the Holidays. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with more blessings than you can name!

Wishing you love, peace and happiness – Jessica

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Another wonderful week has begun!

Happy Monday! A few things on my radar as of late….

From Philosophers Notes – one of the sites I love and find inspiration from again and again! link-

One of the best ways to cultivate gratitude is to establish a daily practice in which you remind yourself of the gifts, grace, benefits, and good things you enjoy. One of the best ways to do this is keeping a daily journal in which you record the blessings you are grateful for. My research has shown… that this technique makes people happier. When we are grateful, we affirm that a source of goodness exists in our lives. By writing each day, we magnify and expand upon these sources of goodness. Setting aside time on a daily basis to recall moments of gratitude associated with even mundane or ordinary events, your personal attributes, or valued people in your life gives you the potential to interweave and thread together a sustainable life theme of gratefulness, just as it nourishes a fundamental life stance whose thrust is decidedly affirming.” ~ Robert Emmons from Thanks!

See – I’m not making this stuff up people! Gratitude is like the secret sauce of life!

This idea is from a great blog I recently stumbled upon. Its

Cassie has a great site with good content and super free printables like this one. I was wondering if anyone wanted to take up this challenge with me. We sort of missed the full 40 days but I’m sure it could be easily modified to 30 days?


Here’s something to consider… Elizabeth Somer, R.D. reminds us in her book Eat Your Way to Happiness that foods rich in magnesium may help fight anxiety. Lower levels of magnesium have been associated with an increase in stress. The RDA is about 320 mg/day for most women. Since anxiety is something I battle often I am reminding myself that I like alot of foods that contain high levels of magnesuim like: nuts and seeds, leafy greens like broccoli, whole grain brown rice, beans, soy and DARK CHOCOLATE. Helloooooo!!!

Written by Elizabeth Somer, R.D.

Written by Elizabeth Somer, R.D.

And some fun stuff from the weekend:

Fall Festival Performance at School

Fall Festival Performance at School


FAVORITE new (to me) candle scent

FAVORITE new (to me) candle scent


There's a ghost in my yard!

There’s a ghost in my yard!

Sundays are great for a good at home mask. I love this one!

Sundays are great for a good at home mask. I love this one!