Healthy Loves! :-)

Healthy Loves

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 There are many things I love about making healthy choices.  To me living healthy means MUCH more than just healthy food choices (although as a R.D. this is HIGH on my priority list) – but it also means

 * Staying  “functionally fit” with cardiovascular fitness, strength and flexibility     training.

* Maintaining healthy relationships with family, friends and people I interact with.

* Continuing to engage and improve my mental fitness

* Living life with intention, purpose and integrity

 When it comes to the “heavy hitters” – here are my loves….

FAMILY – my family is my main Healthy Love – I want to be healthy so that I can be around long enough to be a burden to my wonderful 8 year old daughter and, hopefully, her kids as well.  2013 will be 20 years of marriage for me and my hubby Shane and I definitely want to make sure my health will stay strong for another say – 50+ years. We’ll both be pretty old geezers by then!

Also, I want to be healthy so I can set a good example for them as well as my other family members. If I can inspire others in my family to make healthier choices by providing a good example of that myself then everyone benefits.


Maybe its my upbringing or my Type A career mindedness – but I LOVE  to have a professional as well as personal sense of accomplishment and pride. When I am living a healthy life and feeling good about myself inside and out I carry with me a feeling of integrity that comes from living  in accordance with my core values


Healthful living keeps me energetic both physically as well as mentally. I can do more, go more, engage more and live with vitality and zest! Sort of like at the end of a vigorous yoga practice – when you lie in shavasana and can feel your body buzzing with prana! Its an awesome sensation and it carries you throughout your day/life.


Being healthy makes me feel confident.  I am strong, healthy, able to move and do things as I please, able to wear clothes better and carry myself with a sense of ease and grace.

 And in addition to these more lofty ideals there are plenty day to day sources of  healthy happiness that I enjoy without an ounce of shame. Just a few of these are:

LULULEMON – I don’t care what anyone says – its great quality and style and provides motivation as well as inspiration to reach my goals!

 GREAT MUSIC – The 8 tracks app for my iphone is my newest fixation.

RAWXIES – These are great all natural snacks created by a woman. Healthy, Delicious and shaped liked hearts!

BAI DRINKS – Great flavored water with only 35 calories and a touch of caffeine each.

CHOBANI – What can I say – I know I’m not alone here!

SIMPLY SNACKIN BEEF JERKY – available online. Great, easy source of protein, low in calories too!

FIBER ONE CEREALS – Love these for the high fiber, low calories, portability and fill-me-up factor!

360 BAGS – The most well organized work out/gym bags I have ever seen. They are a splurge but so worth it.  The design is so well thought out – think perfect pockets for all your needs.

Healthy Living is like LIFE – its a journey you should ENJOY!

Namaste – Jessica







Sorghum Pops

People are always curious as to what a Registered Dietitian eats. Well, let me be the first to say that we are not a perfect bunch. We like to snack and indulge just let everyone else. And here is one of the things I am snacking on lately and loving! Sorghum popcorn!! Its very similar to regular popcorn and comes in a variety of flavors. Plus, its slightly lower in calories so a serving is quite generous. I really like that part for when I want to snack and not worry about portion control so much. One serving of sorghum popcorn really fills up my cereal bowl. The kernels are smaller than regular popcorn so I like to eat it with a spoon. I’m sure there are other brands available but this one by Mini Pops has lots of flavor varieties and tastes really yummy (and check out those nutritional stats baby)!  You can order from their website: and Amazon has it as well.

Give it a try – I think you might love ‘em