Mail from the Big Guy

I know many of you out there with little ones are very familiar with the Elf on the Shelf. We have one too and he is great. Sure wish I had thought it that idea!

Along those lines I wanted to recommend to you another fun tradition that we enjoy at our house. And that would be a personalized letter from Santa. For the past several years Santa has sent my daughter a customized letter that she adores. The letter comes personalized to her with details about her year and, ahem, her behavior thus far. You can also pay a little extra and get a small stuffed animal to be included in your package, or a dollar bill from the North Pole – that type of thing. The letter really has a WOW factor to it and since our Hannah is now 9 it really helps keep the validity of Santa intact. I want her to “believe” as long as she can and this letter really adds that authentic touch that assures any doubts she might be having. There are several sites where you can purchase this type of letter but I really like the service provided by Santa Claus House. The website is:



Order form paperwork mailed to me

Order form paperwork mailed to me

Last Years Letter

Last Years Letter

Signed Postcard from last years package

Signed Postcard from last years package









We are off to North Carolina for Thanksgiving. Headed to the Biltmore House – I’ve heard so many great things about this property. I’m really looking forward to seeing it all decorated up fancy for the Holidays. Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving with more blessings than you can name!

Wishing you love, peace and happiness – Jessica

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Happy Hukkster

Happy Friday My Loves! This has been a really busy week for me – and I’ve got a full lid today as well. So I’ll be really happy when tomorrow comes and I’m off to Tallahassee to see my Seminoles play. College Football saturdays are the best – no matter who you cheer for!


A family of Seminole Fans!

A family of Seminole Fans!



I’ve been meaning to post about the app – Hukkster. Anybody out there using it? Its a coupon/money saving site where you can sign up for alerts when the items you identify go on sale. There’s a computer based application you can register for as well as iPad and iPhone versions you can download for free from the iTunes App store. I’ve used apps like this in the past but they never seem to work correctly; meaning I sign up and then tag/flag/log items I want to be alerted to when they go on sale but then I never hear anything! I guess that might mean the items I covet never go on sale (figures!) or that I’ve done something wrong or the tracking and notification doesn’t work 100% of the time. Hukkster, however, seems to be getting good press and reviews. I’ve seen it mentioned in several places this year so I thought I might give it a try. Lord knows with the all the gifts I’m buying some sale price alerts would make my day!


And to totally switch gears – here’s something I read this week and loved! Its the reverse of Hukkster if you will… From Dave Romanelli who I mentioned on the blog before. Love him! Paying with attention – its a beautiful idea really. Time and attention are precious commodities for sure. If we truly want to give someone on our list a special gift from the heart – maybe all we have to do is “gift” them with our love and attention.

You can go to to soak up more of this type of goodness.

Here’s a thought to consider this Holiday Season…

…what if instead of paying with credit card or cash… you started paying with attention?

Anyone can buy you dinner, but how rare are the people in your life who ask how are you really doing, who hug you with their whole heart, who give you the gift of their whole presence?

To solve our problems, to heal our bodies, to bring peace to our lives and families…more than than anything else, we need each other.

Today, can you take 10 seconds to give the gift of attention?

I have it all qeued up for you.  All you have to do is hit SEND.

And lastly- check out these neat portion controlled baggies I found at Wal-Mart! There are fantastic for measuring out snacks – especially things like nuts and trail mix which are frankly addictive and (although they can be very healthy) high in calories. It was very exciting to find this little gem at Wal-Mart. Isn’t everyone uber-excited about baggies with serving size measurements on the outside? I’m such an easy girl to please :-) yeah right!


Have a fabulous weekend everyone. And remember the new 2014 edition of the “Keeping it Together Planner – A Girl’s Guide to Living Life to the Fullest” is on sale now. You can head right on over to my website to check out some great photos and make your purchase.


Tree Trimming

The Holidays have officially begun around our house. Decorating the tree always seems to get everyone in the spirit and makes the house look so festive and beautiful. Over the years we have gone back and forth as to what is best – a real or artificial tree. Actually – that’s not correct – everyone generally agrees that a real tree is best. But – artificial tress are soooo much easier. I can’t tell you how many vacums have died from sucking up too many pine needles falling off the dead tree in our living room! And the mess we make dragging the live tree inside and then outside to the road 3-4 weeks later is horrible. Other than the smell of a live tree I cant think of much else that I love about it? So – this year we are back to an artificial tree. I think it’s very pretty actually. It came pre-lit and was pretty easy to assemble. The only downside is that you have to “fluff” all the branches individually if you really want it to look full and perfect.

We had a great time dragging out all of the ornaments and it’s such fun to relive the memories of when you got each treasure. All the ones my daughter has made are my favorites of course, followed closely by the ones we’ve picked up over the years in places we have traveled to. Its like a big scrapbook with branches!



Once the tree is up and the holiday music is playing I am definitely feeling the spirit. And when things get hectic as they surely do this time of year – a little hot chocolate with Butterscotch Schnapps makes all the difference!

I hope you are enjoying the season too!