Sorghum Pops

People are always curious as to what a Registered Dietitian eats. Well, let me be the first to say that we are not a perfect bunch. We like to snack and indulge just let everyone else. And here is one of the things I am snacking on lately and loving! Sorghum popcorn!! Its very similar to regular popcorn and comes in a variety of flavors. Plus, its slightly lower in calories so a serving is quite generous. I really like that part for when I want to snack and not worry about portion control so much. One serving of sorghum popcorn really fills up my cereal bowl. The kernels are smaller than regular popcorn so I like to eat it with a spoon. I’m sure there are other brands available but this one by Mini Pops has lots of flavor varieties and tastes really yummy (and check out those nutritional stats baby)!  You can order from their website: and Amazon has it as well.

Give it a try – I think you might love ‘em