Tea Time!


Let me tell you about a new obsession of mine – David’s Tea!

Have you guys ever heard of this company? They’re based out of Canada but the hubby and I found them while in NYC in early December.

We had one of those rare “unplanned” vacation days in the city where we had not overbooked ourselves with sightseeing and such and we just wandered along the streets with our daughter. We ended up having the BEST day – we found some neat stores, bought some fun candy, drank a little wine (not all of us ☺) and stumbled into this tea shop ( I didn’t mean the stumbled part literally) . We had been looking for some yummy teas to help us wean off diet soda but had yet to find anything we loved. I was buying teas at Whole Foods and Fresh Market but none of them were very satisfying or especially tasty. Actually, to me, a lot of tea tastes the same?

Anyway – we went into David’s and the staff there was so helpful. We sampled like 10 kinds of tea – they even made some fun samples for our daughter to try and we had a ball. We ended up buying several kinds as well as a brewer and had them ship it all home. How nice was that – didn’t even have to carry a bag!

Let me tell you we are hooked! Black tea is great in the morning for a pick me up and Rooibos is great in the evening for a dessert type treat with no caffeine. We have already found 4-5 flavors we love and the customer service folks have been very helpful in suggesting choices we might like. Birthday Cake is the best for after dinner and Kiwi’s Big Adventure is great for morning or daytime sipping. Plus – when you order they send samples! Yippee.

I highly recommend David’s Tea if you have one in your area? Sadly, we do not so for now I am ordering online via www.davidstea.com

If you’re also a fan of David’s I’d love to hear your favorite flavors. If you’re in Florida and have another tea shop you adore – please share!

Have a Fit and Fabulous Weekend My Loves – IMG_1298