Tree Trimming

The Holidays have officially begun around our house. Decorating the tree always seems to get everyone in the spirit and makes the house look so festive and beautiful. Over the years we have gone back and forth as to what is best – a real or artificial tree. Actually – that’s not correct – everyone generally agrees that a real tree is best. But – artificial tress are soooo much easier. I can’t tell you how many vacums have died from sucking up too many pine needles falling off the dead tree in our living room! And the mess we make dragging the live tree inside and then outside to the road 3-4 weeks later is horrible. Other than the smell of a live tree I cant think of much else that I love about it? So – this year we are back to an artificial tree. I think it’s very pretty actually. It came pre-lit and was pretty easy to assemble. The only downside is that you have to “fluff” all the branches individually if you really want it to look full and perfect.

We had a great time dragging out all of the ornaments and it’s such fun to relive the memories of when you got each treasure. All the ones my daughter has made are my favorites of course, followed closely by the ones we’ve picked up over the years in places we have traveled to. Its like a big scrapbook with branches!



Once the tree is up and the holiday music is playing I am definitely feeling the spirit. And when things get hectic as they surely do this time of year – a little hot chocolate with Butterscotch Schnapps makes all the difference!

I hope you are enjoying the season too!