This and That

Happy Saturday! I thought I would check in today (its been a while, I know) and give you a little hodgepodge of a post. I’ve had lots of good stuff going on lately … aside from the rainy/cold Florida weather of course.

1. First of all let me say that its SO NICE to be home for an extended period of time. After getting home from California earlier in the month we have been settling back in to our routine and focusing on returning to some healthy habits. And I love it! My “nest” is my sanctuary :-)

2. January has been busy – but with all good things. Here’s a shot of my planner for January. Can you believe the month is almost over and we are headed towards Valentines Day already!


If you can see some of the detail here you can see that I managed to get in some weight training along with some awesome yoga. If you can make out the “Y’s” those are yoga days. Also, this month I got to see TWO master teachers here in town. Doug Swenson and Bryan Kest. Both of these guys I have been lucky enough to see before and both are TOTALLY worth seeing again. Additionally, I started up another 200+hour teacher training program that I am super excited about. My first Teacher Training was awesome and I loved every single minute of it – my dear friend and teacher, Mary Kay Berg ( provided knowledge, love and inspiration beyond my expectations. And now I am starting another 8 month program with Tymi Howard from Guruv Yoga ( and I know this program will enhance my already strong foundation tremendously. I love Tymi and respect her practice and her loving and dedicated spirit so much.

Can you spot me in the photo below…?




and take a look at Bryan Kest – yup -he’s a hottie!



3. I got these neat orchids  for my guest bathroom. They are air plants so they do quite well in the moist environment of the bathroom. This little bath needed some “life” – so I think my 2 orchids are perfect.


PLease pray I can keep them alive!

Please pray I can keep them alive!


4. Getting ready for Valentines Day!


Speaking of Valentines Day – here is a fun little FREE Printable for you. Some adorable coupons you can use as gift ideas for those special people you want to celebrate on Valentines Day. Fill them out for a free hug/trip to the movies/special date night out (or in:-)), etc – get creative and add them to another small gift like a chocolate bar/flowers/balloons. They’re just a little something fun to help you celebrate and share the love. Hope you enjoy them!




Oh, and remember if you have not gotten your 2014 Keeping it Together Planner yet they are now on sale for $50.00. Since January is already “in the books” as they say we reduced the price by 10%.


To purchase click on a link below:

Thats all for now – hope you have a wonderful weekend!

xo – Jessica




Weekend Update!

Thought I’d give you a little update as to my “goings on” since last week. We’ve had some fun stuff happening!

First of all let me say there was alot of love in our house for the entire Valentines Day Week! We had a celebration that lasted several days and spoiled each other silly. We had gifts, flowers, chocolate, ate dinner out and enjoyed lots of cuddling with one another. You might notice in that second photo a small “pinkish” bottle on the right? Thats my special Watermelon Flavored Vodka that I put in pretty jars and give to my friends. Its killer!!! So yummmy – and sort of dangerous if you know what I mean :-) We are out Valentines Night with our dear friends Bruce and Jane – along with their kids and Hannah. We went to a local sushi/teppan place and let the chef cook “Kobe Style” for us. It was fun – the kids loved it and it was a nice way to celebrate with the family. Plus the food was good – and we even stopped by Coldstone on the way home for a small ice cream treat. A perfect night!


Flowers from Daddy to Hannah


Cards and such



Fun Friends!






Even signs in the Yard so the whole world will know how much love we share!







Family Tree Purchased from Judy at ByDesignWeddings (easy shop)


This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with a master yoga teacher – Steve Ross. This was my first experience with Steve and he lived up to all the great things I had heard. This guy is a superb teacher and a wonderful SOUL! Seriously – some people are so genuine and nice they just exude happiness! And Steve is definitely one of those people. The awesome Yoga Studio where I practice – Guruv Yoga ( hosted Steve for the weekend and there were events from Friday night through Sunday afternoon. I was only able to attend Friday and most of Saturday but it was well worth it! One of my favorite things is a rockin playlist and let me tell you Steve Ross had that covered. Both Friday night as well as Saturday he had the best music playing! There were 30-60 of us each day flowing to really fun beats. Both flows were challenging for sure but the fantastic music made it all the more fun and motivating. Plus, Steve has a great dry wit and cracked us up the whole time. Additionally, I got to hear him speak about meditation and practice a few types of mantra and breathing techniques AND do a Yin Yoga class as well. In Yin yoga you hold the poses for longer periods to get into the connective tissues and really loosen things up. Its 100% different from a flow class  but still very challenging in its own way! I was feeling it by Saturday night for sure! Steve is highly accomplished and his teaching background is quite impressive. But I found his demeanor and style of communicating to be my favorite things about him. I hope I get to see him again someday.


Steve Ross



Steve’s Book – Happy Yoga – highly recommend it!


Happy Happy Me

Steve was so kind to everyone and I am so glad I got the chance to practice with him! If he comes to your area – please treat yourself and go get to know him! He even signed my book copy. :-)


Other weekend highlights included a movie and dinner with friends and a trip to the mall with my favorite stylist – Hannah!

Oh, and we had salads and soup from Panera last night for dinner and copious amounts of peanut butter m and m’s. Today -construction continues!