This One Trick = More Happiness

Today I’d like to tell you about ONE LITTLE TRICK I implemented that has really made a difference in my life. About 18 months ago I started a routine and regular daily gratitude practice and this has made me so much more aware of my daily happiness. Not that I wasn’t happy before – but I wasn’t nearly as aware of it! Now that I actually take 5-10 minutes/day (its not a big sacrifice of time considering the impact it will have) to write down all the goodness in my life its so much more obvious and apparent to me.

Robert Emmons did a study where he took three groups of folks and asked them to write down one of 3 things. One group wrote down what they were grateful for, a second group wrote down what they were unhappy about and the last group wrote down just something factual about events that occurred in their life. At the end of this 10 week daily trial – the group who were logging down things they were thankful for were 25% happier than the other two groups. Twenty Five Percent!

Trust me – this is worth your time and will have such a positive impact on your life and how you view it. Try it today and make 2013 the year you commit to this practice.

Below is a link to a journal I recommend. This is one of my favorites for those of you just starting out.


And if you are looking for something more – check out my website for a book I have designed. It’s a daily calendar and gratitude journal all in one. Its bright, cheery and fun to use – you’ll love it!

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